Wesley R. Baker

Main Image: Ghost Riders

'Ghost Riders', 2006


Wes' Work at ArtPrize 2014

'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' Painting by Wes Baker

Visit and vote for Wes' painting "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep", featured in ArtPrize 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 24-October 12, 2014.

See "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" at the Boardwalk GR Condominiums at 940 Monroe Ave NW, in Grand Rapids.

Vote for Wes' work using number 56537.

ArtPrize 2014 is a world-renowned art competition hosting 1,536 artists entries at 175 venues throughout the entire city of Grand Rapids. ArtPrize artists compete for part of the nearly $560,000 prize. Among the world's largest contemporary art showcases, ArtPrize 2014 is expected to host more than 400,000 voting visitors. Read more information and sign up to vote at http://www.artprize.org/visit .

Wes' Paintings Featured at AMA Hall of Fame

Several of Wes' paintings are featured in the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Hall of Fame exhibit, '2 Wheels + Motor: A Fine Art Exhibition,' in Pickerington, Ohio. The exhibit is billed as a "one-of-a-kind motorcycling art exhibit," bringing new perspectives on motorcycling. The paintings "Cloud Chaser," "Not Just Boys' Toys," "Poker Run," and "Ladies First" are displayed with other motorcycle-themed artwork. You can visit the exhibit through 2014.

AMA exhibit photo AMA exhibit photo Wes at AMA exhibit

Wes is featured in the AMA exhibit, '2 Wheels + Motor: A Fine Art Exhibition'

Motorcycles and Fine Art

Motorcycles and fine art share a common power: both objects can stir the human soul. A rider experiences the weather, the environment, and feelings of excitement and control on a motorcycle; a viewer of art can feel the joys and risks of the ride through a canvas. I strive to capture these emotional interactions in my paintings.

Old Photo: Uncle Bob's Pan Head 

Harley My first ride was on my uncle's old Pan Head Harley; I was about seven years old. The sound and excitement of that machine will stay with me forever. In my artwork, the motorcycle becomes a metaphor for life and expression. My goal is to bring riders and non-riders alike into the realm of riding a motorcycle. I strive to capture the soul of riding. Viewers of my paintings can take away a philosophical view of life as a journey, and make the best of their own rides through life. Many of my paintings are shown in my Gallery page. I am also a member of the Elmhurst Artists' Guild.

Wes has been featured in news and magazine articles. Read the articles in "In the News."

Contact Wes at wes@wrbaker.com, or by phone at (630) 291-1048.